Roof Cleaning Bedfordshire

Roof Cleaning

Another service that RGB offer is Roof Cleaning.

From start to finish, RGB will provide you with a complete roof cleaning service. We have the equipment to build a tower in order to gain safe and swift access to the roof.

Once on the roof, we will begin by removing any existing moss. We find that moss is one of the most common problems on roof-tops, and have the tools to remove it quickly and without damaging the roof itself.

Once the moss and debris are fully cleared from the roof-top, we will begin our soft-wash process. The aim of a soft-wash is to have the roof looking as new whilst still protecting the surface. Some companies offer a power-washing service in order to get your roof top clean, but it is our experience that, whilst the surface may appear as good as new, power-washing can actually damage the roof-top. This is why we offer a soft-wash, which provides a thorough and safe clean, to get your roof back to brilliance.