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Cladding Cleaning

One service that RGB are proud to provide is Cladding Cleaning across a range of commercial properties.

We are able to clean cladding up to 60ft high with our own equipment, but can also offer the service for taller properties, with the hire of Scissor Lifts or Cherry Pickers, which makes us equipped for all your needs.

The process of cladding cleaning is simple yet highly effective. At RGB we know that in order to clean most thoroughly, hot water should be used. The reason that we use hot water is because it cuts through most dirt effectively, and far more effectively than cold water ever could. This is the reason that all of our cladding cleaning will be with pure hot water, to maximise cleaning and minimise dirt.

On some occasions, however, pure hot water may not be powerful enough to cut through layers of existing dirt and grime. In this particular case, RGB have a range of chemicals that can ensure that the dirt is destroyed, leaving the cladding looking fresh and clean. The chemicals we use have no degrading side effects, as they are fully washed off by RGB, leaving behind no chemical residue.