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Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning

At RGB Cleaning we know that rugs can be a lifesaver for busy family life… they hide a multitude of sins and can offer a room makeover for a fraction of the price of a replacement carpet. That’s why we think they deserve a little bit of TLC to keep them looking beautifully fresh, not to mention extending their lifespan and keeping them in prime condition.

At RGB Cleaning, we take pride in our thorough and professional service, we provide you with a service guarantee and try our utmost to ensure that we work at your convenience. For this reason, we offer a ‘take home’ service, where a rug up to 9×6 feet can be taken to our premises and given a complete clean. We will then return your rug to you, in stunning condition, at a time that suits you… you won’t believe the difference!

Modern Rugs
We can clean any rug, of any size, shape or make of fabric. Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with attention to detail is guaranteed to give a superb result.

Antique Rugs
Can be dealt with using our very gentle cleaning technique: to keep your treasures looking sparkling!

The Cleaning Process
The process begins with a deep vacuuming process – ensuring that any superficial dirt is dissolved and removed from both sides of the rug. This is then complemented by our gentle cleaning process, where we begin to lift dirt and soils from deep within the fibres of your rug. Once this process is complete, we begin our quality control, ensuring that we work our hardest to remove any remaining stubborn stains.
Once your rug is clean, we will apply a deodoriser and sanitizer to remove any lingering odours and leave your rug with freshness restored.
Not only is your rug spotlessly clean, but we can also offer a protective package, ensuring that your rug is fully protective from future stains or spills.